What do you think are some advantages and disadvantages of students getting degrees online

To give you more details, A large number of college students are enrolled in online degree programs. And I wanna know what do you think are some advantages and disadvantages (to the students and society in general) of students getting degrees online instead of at traditional colleges.
Asked Aug 16, 2010
The advantages are
* Lower costs in tuition, housing and transportation.
* Ability to work by your own schedule.

The disadvantages are
* Less interaction and oversight with instructors.
* You miss the activities and social life.
* You miss the verbal aspects of the education.

Attending college is a life changing experience. Online degrees are are more of a certification that you understand the material well enough to qualify for a degree; a sizable difference. While an online degree is better than no degree at all, they are generally not treated as equal in the real world. Too many employers suspect the online students get on EHelp for their answers rather than do the work themselves. :-)

Answered Aug 16, 2010
Edited Aug 16, 2010
Online degrees are certainly becoming very popular today, and come with their share of pros and cons as listed below.
Can be pursued from any location
Flexible – allow students to set their own pace
Save time and money – no need to commute to and from college, study materials online
No access to a professor/instructor, the only way is through web sessions, emails, and video chats
Online students may miss out on lab work/experience which is a very important learning tool.
Online programs may not work out for everyone. Some students work better in a live classroom setting. Choosing a college that has received accreditation from a recognized accrediting body is very important. Before you apply, read student reviews, check program content and tuition. I'm looking at Stevens-Henager and have read a few Stevens-Henager College testimonials. It helps to know what students are saying about the college you plan to attend.
Answered Jun 22, 2012
Edited Jun 22, 2012

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