Is my bearded dragon tame?

I just recived a bearded dragon from a friend.
its not a baby and its female, about 13 inches long.
i have had her for about 3 days. She hasent shown any signs of agression when I put my hand in the tank, nor does she run away or hide.
i have stroked her tail with my finger. her eyes darted at it, I got startled and pulled my hand out of the tank quickly. She never puffed her beard, opened her mouth.. Im so tempted to pet her but I dont want a bite to deal with. Should I pet her? or give her a little time? do you think she would be tame enough for me to hold/touch her? thannks again!
Asked Aug 12, 2010
They don't normally bite but they can if they panic. Normally they hiss when they are uncomfortable. In the wild they try to avoid other creatures at all costs.
If the purpose of petting her is to make yourself feel good O.K. but I don't think reptiles get the same joy out of being petted like a dog or cat. That's just my idea, I've never had a conversation with one. :-)
Answered Aug 12, 2010
Edited Aug 12, 2010

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