How do I move a converted mp3 file downloaded to my public video folder and place it into my folder

i converted a video file into a MP3 file and downloaded it into my public video folder and filled in all the tag info and I want to change its location and path to my music folder thus removing it from the public folder without losing all the (artist,album,title,year,track,genre) information I manually input........ Someone HELP please.

I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop and am operating Windows Vista 32bit
Asked Aug 10, 2010
Edited Aug 10, 2010
It would depend on the software you used to enter the info. If it stores the info in the MP3 file, the info will be moved with the file. If it makes it's own database outside the MP3 file, the date will not be included in a data base elsewhere on the system.

It works better to use Windows Explorer to construct a heirarchy of folders that work like an outline. That way you don't get jammed up between different software providers idea of how to do it. You just copy the file where it belongs:


If you're not familiar with Explorer, post a comment and I'll provide details.
Answered Aug 10, 2010
Are you familiar with Tagscanner 5.1? There is an option to restructure files on disc based on tag information. "move files to new root folder:" option.... If I do that then shouldn't I be able to delete it from my public folder without issues right?

Also I want to uninstall the converter I used for the few items I put into the public folder. It shouldn't affect the mp3's if I change the root folder through Tagscanner 5.1, correct?

And Rob THANK YOU!!!
I'm not familiar with Tagscanner 5.1. My problem is compatability. It seems most everybody making the software has a different idea for how to do it. The folder outline system is the only one I've seen that works with all of them.

That doesn't mean there aren't any better ways, I tend to do what I know works rather than launch a big search.
Rob Aug 11, 2010
okay the would I dowloande is on the my folders that song downloand is my
Answered May 18, 2012

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