How many times is the word "and" used in the King James Bible?

Asked Aug 03, 2010
It is difficult for me to understand what signifigance this question could have for anything. Suppose the answer is 50,000 or suppose the answer is 25,000. What difference does it make? In my mind this planet has many, very signifigant issues we need to deal with. This isn't one of them
Rob Aug 03, 2010
25,000 cool ...????..???
uuum, i'm pretty sure that even the pope wouldn't want to take the time of day to do that, (thats if he is anything to do with the christian bible, I think he is catholic)
Answered Aug 04, 2010
Oh wow that is really ironic that I stumbled upon this question I just yesterday finished counting how many times it says and
it says it 92? times (I can't remember the last digit.) why did I count everytime it said and? I was bored that's why.
Answered Jan 22, 2016

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