How do I become a famous singer?

i wanna become a singer just like Justin Bieber...i need help 13 and my name is Staci...please answer my question!!!!!
Asked Aug 02, 2010
Edited Aug 02, 2010
hi my name is katarina parker and I want to be famous to but I don't know how thow.But can you help me do it I will record a song I will do enty thing. just PPPPPPPPLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some natural talent plus a lot of practice and training will make you a singer. After that, a ton of luck might make you famous but the odds are tough.

Every young person with your dream should clearly understand that entertainment is a very tough and competitive business. You have to do performances and make products the public wants to buy. That means original material. You may get some attention but you can't become famous doing covers. Nobody wants to buy a CD that sounds like Lady Gaga when they can get the real thing.

From the outside looking in, it appears to be a lot of fun. From the inside looking out, it's a lot of pressure and sacrifice. The rewards can be great for those that make it but for each one of them, there are literally thousands that don't.

Not trying to rain on your parade, just inject enough reality to make you understand you should learn skills in another field for a backup. Don't put all of your eggs in the "entertainment basket."

Answered Aug 02, 2010
Edited Aug 02, 2010
hi my name is katarina parker and I want to become famous to but I don't know how thow. but if you can PPPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEEE help to me if you can help me ok

I think that it is wonderful you have so much ambition. I think you should take opportunities to perform (and make opportunities to perform) and ask people you encounter for help and advice. Find people who provide you with the support and encouragement that you need, to get you through the rough times and keep making connections. Ask people if they know anyone who can help you and if they can arrange for you to meet those people.
Answered Aug 02, 2010
hi my name is katarina parker and I want to be a famous to but t don't know how thow.but can you PPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE help me talk to me if you can help me ok
practice practice practice!
Answered Aug 04, 2010
hi my name is katarina parker and I want to become famous to but I don't know how thow.but can you help me PPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEE
ok talk to me if you can help me ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are probably already better than Justin Beiber. If you want to be like him, you don't have very high hopes. Try your best and follow your dreams. don't listen to shit people may say about you. You will do well if you just try that!
Answered Nov 30, 2011
hi my name is katarina parker and I want to be famous but I don't know how thow.but can you PPPPPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE help me.if you can talk to me ok
HI this is katarina parker and I want to become famous but I do not know how to become famous thow but if enty of you out there can help me please contact me by emailing me at [email protected] please and thank you.
Answered Dec 22, 2012
I am almost your age and I want to be a singer too. Try watching this video on YouTube.It's by someone called AwesomeAlanna and it's called "how to act famous." (I tried to post a link to it, but it didn't work.) :(
This video might not help much, but at least start with a "personal assistant to yell things at," as she said. But instead of calling them that, let's call them your manager. My sister is my manager, and I think she has even more confidence in me than I do! Also, you should really find your "look," also as she said to do. (For example, I like to wear rainbow colored clothes, and I like my hair in a
ponytail.) Maybe next you could ask your parents if you can make a YouTube channel or a website. Also, tell all your friends about your website/channel and have them tell all of their friends about it, and to tell their friends to tell THEIR friends about it, and so on... Soon a bunch of people will know about you. Hope I helped. :)
Answered Feb 27, 2013
Edited Feb 27, 2013
Record urself post the video on YouTube nd send a link in the comments if u want to get some feed bck
Answered May 14, 2013
l think you should post a video of yourself on YOU- tube u may get a lot of hits
Answered May 16, 2013
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