What I can do if my employer forces me to resign?


I'm currently working at a big company but I'm treated unfair I can say. Although my supervisor made me a good evaluation and always told me(I printed her emails as prove) I'm doing a good job, another manager claims that I'm incompetent and complain to our bosses from STATES that I should be dismissed. They decided that I'm not a good fit for my job and ask me to resign or they will declare me incompetent and won't provide me references for my next job.
Please advice what I can do:if I’ll resign I'll lose the unemployment benefits (I have 2 kids) if not I risk to destroy my career..
I didnd't do anything ..I'm very stressed.
I'm new in Canada, Toronto and I don't know the law.
I have to mention that I think this is also a discrimination since I'm the only landed imigrant..all other employees are borne here or lived and study here...I heard some discussions but I can't prove -it.
Asked Jul 29, 2010
A supervisor writing a good evaluation doesn't give you job security for life. A serious performance issue later on can negate that.

They can't "force you" to resign. If you refuse, they will have to either lay you off or fire you. If they fire you, there is an appeals process and the outcome will depend on Canadian law and the evidence you have to prove your dismissal was in fact, a layoff.

I don't understand "landed immigrant." If that means you are in the country without proper documentation, you may have very different rights than the other employees.
Answered Jul 30, 2010
Rob, you are wrong. I guess you do not understand the term ' Land Immigrant'. Land Immigrant means that she is legimate in this country, and she has every rights as any Canadian citizens under the Charter of Rights, that includes Legislation governing employment in Canada, and with the exception that she can't vote in Election. If she is wrongful dismissed she is entitle to take every avenue given to any Canadian citizen. She has take her her to the local Labour office, Human Rights Tribunal and the Superior Court of Ontario. If her work environment is an unionized environment, she can approach her union to negotiate to try getting her job back.
Answered Aug 25, 2010
The last paragraph came from her statement, "I'm the only landed imigrant..all other employees are borne here or lived and study here." If she's not born there or lived there or studied there, that sounded like she might be undocumented.

Rob Aug 25, 2010
Better quit and look for an other job
Answered Jul 13, 2013

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