I need to load a full version of xp home on new laptop

I have a CNC Laser machine that needs a XP Home operating system PC to run it. I have a brand new laptop running Windows 7. I was told that I could partition the hard drive and load my the full version of XP Home on it. When I run the CD the program tells me that I need to be the Admin on the computer which I am. What is happening?
Asked Jul 29, 2010
In my humble opinion, partitioning the drive to run multiple operating systems in order to run one program would be a gross waste. See if you can find an old computer that has, or you can install, WinXP and dedicate it to running the Laser cutter then use the Win 7 laptop for it's intended task.
Answered Jul 29, 2010
Been There already. Bought a Gateway note book with XP home on it but it had a HOTFIX? on it that the laser didn't like. The notebook runs the machine intermittently so in my frustation, I went out an bought the laptop and a full version of XP home. The next step involves a sharp knife. . .
note book was used
"Hotfix" is saying they produced a product with a big screwup.

I drive an ancient Ioline plotter with an old generic architecture Win 98 PC. Works fine. My experience has been that the newer the operating system, the less compatable it is with step motor technology.
Rob Jul 29, 2010
You can download Partition Magic from Easus and partition your hard drive to something like 50GB or whatever you choose. I would then search for drivers of the laptop and download the XP home drivers from the manufacturer site. Then you can try installing it on the partitioned drive. If you are going to try this with a Dell, don't do it.

Partition Magic Free Edition
Answered Jul 30, 2010

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