Why do I keep dreaming about my ex-boyfriend?

Me and my ex were together for nearly a year, we got on quite well at the start then after about 5 months began to argue a lot but we still cared a lot for each other. We broke up a few months ago in April and he told me he had cheated on me several times but I still loved him and am still finding it hard to get over him. We don't speak at all anymore however, I am now in a relationship with one of his close friends, I genuinely like my new boyfriend but sometimes I find myself thinking about my ex. My ex says he does not care about my new relationship and that he is over me, I do not know if I believe this. But I keep dreaming about me and my ex, in my previous dreams we got on really well and remained friends. But last night I dreamt I was cheating on my boyfriend with my ex and that my ex was acting like he wanted to get back together but really only done it so he could tell my boyfriend so we would split up, also in the dream were two of there close friends who told my boyfriend what was going on, why do I keep dreaming about him? Help!
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Asked Jul 29, 2010
Edited Jul 29, 2010
I don't think dreaming about him says anything about your feelings for your boyfriend. We dream about people we've known in the past, often people that played an insignifigant role in our lives. Dreaming is your mind wandering at random and any experience from the past is subject to appear in a dream. It's all about the past. It says nothing about your life today.
Answered Jul 29, 2010
you are obviously not over your ex boyfriend and you need to talk to both him and your current boyfriend seperatley and explain how you feel, its not fair on you or your boyfriend otherwise
Answered Jul 29, 2010

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