Who agrees that we should get BadBeast banned?

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jul 28, 2010
Getting the boot should be for violating a stated rule. Otherwise, this becomes a popularity contest. I wouldn't miss BadBeast but how would you construct such a rule?

People can be anybody they want to be on the Internet. There's no doubt in my mind that BadBeast is lying about getting a grant from the EU and about being given lab space at a university to carry out his experiment as he calls it. If he will lie about that, why should we believe anything else he has said?

Until he puts up the name of the EU Agency that is providing the grant and the name of the university, I'm writing off the whole story as a big lie to get attention any way he can. He's not going to stop until the attention goes away.

The cats aren't going through any evolutionary change, it's his story that's evolving.

Answered Jul 29, 2010
Edited Jul 29, 2010
yeah I agree with you. I dont know who put this up though.
maybe just report him
Answered Aug 02, 2010

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