How do you unblock websites at school?

unblock facebook
Asked Jul 27, 2010
There are many ways to block a web site. How to unblock it depends on how they have it blocked. Be warned that with some blocking methods, the system keeps a log of users who try to defeat the block.

Answered Jul 28, 2010
Edited Jul 28, 2010
hi um my laptop 4 skool is filtered nd I want 2 get onto facebook how do I do it????
Answered Sep 16, 2010
Ask_Sean Says,
Answered Sep 17, 2010
sneakysurfer doesnt work anymore lol :(
Learn to use different websites... facebook and email are not the only parts of the internet.

If you are addicted to facebook and stuck in school, here's what I advise:

Daydream about your friends, and write their names down in a book, draw pictures for them, or think of funny jokes to tell them, and write notes to them. When you get home, you can message them your pictures, thoughts, and drawings.

Try to find out the names of the people you don't know who are in your class or school, and write them down so you can look them up on facebook later.

Ask your teacher if its okay if you tune out in class, because you have more important things to think about. I've done this quite a few times, and some teachers are okay with it. Not all teachers love school or love seeing you suffer. A lot of teachers wish they were at home on facebook too, but most will never admit it to you.

Don't be afraid to ask.. a lot of teachers will try to take away marks from you or have chats with your parents in order to coerce you into doing what they think is best for you. No one expects you to be interested in every class that you take, and if they do, they don't understand psychology very well.

Ask if you are allowed to take pictures in class, so you can blog about how boring it is later. Read a book. It is alright to get in trouble in school if you are doing something productive and educational!

It's best to use low-tech solutions such as paper, books, and pencils because if your teacher steals them from you, you won't get in as much trouble as if they took away your 400$ phone or camera!
Answered Dec 31, 2010
Edited Dec 31, 2010
even all the answers yall ive me r blocked wish they werent

but they do alow u to go on aminsrative password and I know onw but when im at home they dont let u log in as different user
Answered Jan 25, 2011
school trying to keep me down how can I get on FB'
Answered Feb 02, 2011
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Answered May 31, 2011
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cornaeh May 31, 2011
cornaeh May 31, 2011
u can go to
Answered Oct 10, 2011
I don't even know why they block school at school I actually need it when I work on group projects! Anyway I tried what you mentioned what worked for me at the end was just getting a VPN. I ended up downloading highspeedVPN (you can get it from and it works alright.
Answered Jan 27, 2013
okay, so when I try to download a program like skype on my school provided laptop, it I says it is block by the school or group policy. how can I fix that? please answer me ASAP!!! THANKS
Answered Aug 08, 2013

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