How do I format my Sony Vaio laptop with no CD and no experience formatting?

How do I go about this? I'd appreciate a dumbed down step by step if anyone's generous enough.
Asked Jul 22, 2010
Formatting removes everything that's on the hard drive now. If, by "no CD" you mean you don't have an operating system like Windows to put back on it, formatting the drive will leave you with a computer that will do nothing.

I'd advise you to find a friend or family member that has gone through the process before that's willing to help.
Answered Jul 22, 2010
Well I do have an XP cd. What I'm kind of confused on is which drivers are essential for me to download from this sony website to put back on after I reinstall windows.

Thank you!
If you do a Windows Repair, you shouldn't have to reinstall the drivers. If you reformat the drive and replace Windows, you will.

If the link is specific for that machine, download all of them. Driver files are small and transfer fast. If they don't apply for any reason, you will get a notice to that effect and you can just bypass it.
Rob Aug 04, 2010
Or should I just system restore to a date before I purchased it? I don't know if that will get rid of any virus that might be on my system.
If you think it's a virus, download SpyBot Search and Destroy (free) from the site below and run it 2-3 times and reboot between runs. That's surely a better choice than starting over.
Rob Aug 04, 2010

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