What are those attitudes that constitute good meeting behaviour

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Asked Jul 20, 2010
There are many kinds of meetings. Two people meet on the street. A committee meets to decide an issue before them. Religious groups meet. The President's cabinet meets. There are different protocols and degrees of formality for all of them.

Answered Jul 20, 2010
Business owners running successful small and medium sized businesses have a range of attitude and behaviours that contribute to the success of their businesses. The good news is that these attitudes and behaviours can be learnt and you do not have to be born with them.

We have identified below some of the key attitudes and behaviours that business owners of successful small and medium sized businesses display for you to consider:

Keep focused on the business vision, the goals and the strategy that they have set for the business and its financial performance. They direct their minds and all the business activities to achieving the business vision, goals and strategy and maximising the financial performance of the business.

Look for business opportunities at all times. They are constantly aware of the changing business environment and are always looking for business opportunities.

Take responsibility for making things happen in their business, being proactive and accepting blame if things don't go according to plan. They look at how things can be improved, reflect on what the business can do differently and always retain overall responsibility for the business.

Communicate effectively with everyone they deal with. They are emotionally intelligent, use good communication skills, vary these in line with who they are communicating with and are sensitive to the needs of others.

Take action. They plan how they are going to achieve their business goals and strategy and then ensure the action is taken that is needed to implement the plan, without procrastinating.


Answered May 12, 2016
Edited May 12, 2016

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