How do I tell if a girl is lesbian/bi, and if she likes me?

I've been straight all my life, recently me and this one girl have become very close. So I can't stop thinking about her. I have heard from many many people that she is gay but I'm not a 100% sure. Whenever we stay a night together we always end up wrestling/play-fightingwhich involves a lot of touching laughing and smiling. I enjoy it and think it's her way of tellin me she likes me but I'm not positive. She'll give me these deep looks but I have no idea what she means by them. Everyone says eye contant is essential but I haven't a clue what she means. How do I tell if she's gay or if she even likes me?
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Asked Jul 19, 2010
Edited Jul 20, 2010
I have started liking girl's for awhile. I have met a girl and we've been talking since December. What can I do to get her to like me because I really like her?
Answered Jan 04, 2011
i suggest, giving complements here and there...try not to be overly excited when you do, cause she might wonder why... and good luck
Start a conversation with her on the general subject without mentioning anything about her or what anybody has said. Tell her how you feel (about the subject not her), then ask what she thinks.

Something like, "I've read about girls being attracted to each other. It makes me wonder if I might be like that. Did you ever wonder about it?"

Remember the point of no return is when the subject changes from a general discussion to her personally. She has to make that change in the flow of the conversation, not you. If she says no or changes the subject, go no further and leave it alone.

Answered Jul 20, 2010
Edited Jul 20, 2010
worked it out, thanks.
Your so cute. why dont you just do what you think?
Answered Aug 27, 2010
i'm in a similar situation, except I already know my girl is bi, but idk if she likes me.
ask her if she supports bi/gay/lesbian ppl, and it might lead to her telling u she is bi/gay/whatever
if you feel comfortable with it, you could also tell her you might be bicurious (cuz it sounds like thats what u are), and then she might be comfortable telling you her sexuality
Answered Nov 11, 2010
id juss be like do u like me ?/ nd give her a big smile juss be blunt out on the question no need to beat around the bush
Answered Nov 15, 2010
there was this girl looks so deeply 2 rather stare back but my conciousness can"t telling dont ...what am I going 2 do ??
Answered Jun 04, 2012
Ppl give advice which is all good but only u can determine rite time place and way to tell a girl how u feel but I wudnt know much on this subject as all ppl I know are ufront about there feelings
Answered Dec 24, 2012
well I like this girl but she's my friends cousins god sister I like her but I don't no if she like me I have talked to her about me being bi and after I told here I was by she has clanged on to me a little more so I thinks she's bi to she touch me it in places and I think about her every day so the next time I see her I will let her no how I fill about her
Answered Apr 15, 2013
I also have a crush and she makes I contact and we sort of hold each others gazez and I'm scared to ask her if she likes girls any help?
Answered Apr 21, 2013
Im going through the same thing I think I have a crush on a girl but the best thing to do is to be upfront with her cause if you don't tell her ask her or get a conversation going about it your questions are just going to build up more. Then she will notice something is bothering you.
Answered May 21, 2013
Im in the same situation here too I like one girl but she is in grade 5 and im in 6 I like her so much but she never talks to me but just yesterday she made an eye contact with me she was looking at me for a long time but I dont know if she likes me or not im so confused please girls help me
Answered Nov 14, 2013
Im so confused I don't know if I am one or not. But every time I see boobs my eyes light up. :(
Answered Jul 25, 2015

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