Why people sister always jumpin into they lil sister stuff

because I knw a few ppl who like to jump in they lil sister stuff but thats makin they lil sister look like a punk tetehehe lol and it is't even that big of a deal or if not the BIG sister it's the mom +++ppl killin me+++
Asked Jul 19, 2010
Edited Jul 19, 2010
really if its not that big of a deal then why would bring it up again on here..... and I cant control what my sister say to you like you said you cant control what you friends write and mi mama dont got nothing to do with this...
Answered Jul 19, 2010
because I can do what eva the fuck I wanna do..... lol ok so y she jump in it but like I said how was I startin stuff wen I didnt want it to b on my page bkz lashawn is my facebook friend and if it was to b on my page then she could read it n leave comment thats startin stuff lol dummies......... n yo mama left a comment but like I said if we wanna add ppl on to then just knw I got fam n friend thats always ready damn didnt knw it would go this far but shit it is what it is n I dnt got a problem wit yall but im just gone show yall what startin stuff really is......... *****true shit***
Answered Jul 19, 2010
Edited Jul 19, 2010
ok whatever doesnt matter.......
yea dummies if I woulda put my mama in it. it woulda been a whole other ball game lol really
gurl bye you sayin that like my mama said something to you she was talking to me when she commented on my profile n im not dumb...... not even close!!!!
sooooooo idfc but like I said if I woulda put my mama in it yall woulda felt stupid, DUMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tehehehe laughin my asz off
and u act like im sayn something bad about ur mama sweety.......... reread dummy
LOL wut?
Answered Apr 08, 2012
He or she funny for call me a idiot when he/she clearly dnt no me

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