I'm falling in love with a stripper, what should I do?

I was friends with this couple, my coke dealer and his incredibly hot stripper girlfriend but he got busted and is in jail. Needless to say they broke up. I've always like this stipper chick becuase she is funny and super fucking hot so recently I went over to her house and we had hot sex. like really hot sex, it was a dream come true. but I've known her for almost 2 years so of course we get sentimental and I think we both said we loved each other, we had some vodka so yeah but anyways the next day I want to see her right after work, the whole day all I could think about was her, but when I call her she won't pick up her phone and she txted me sorry im busy today, maybe tommorrow. I don't know what is up with her but I'm falling in mad love for this chick even though I know I shouldn't because not only is she kind of a bimbo but I have a gf that is in mad love with me man this sounds so fucked up but its true now im all emo cus of the stripper but I have to act in love with my gf which I am but im like in mad lust for the stripper and to top it all off in 1 month I start law school so really I shouldnt even be so involved with women but damn sex is so good ok so anyone tell me should I try to start a relationship with the stripper or try to just be friends and maybe get some poon as a friendly benefit?????
Asked Jul 10, 2010
What I'm reading is the story of a coke using, womanizer looking for someone to provide a rationalization for his lack of morals and self control. All you will get from the stripper is a dose of the same medicine you're poor girlfriend is getting.

Law school??? You need to go back to middle school. You aren't ready for prime time yet.
Answered Jul 10, 2010
haha this is the greatest thing ever written.
lol thanks night_angel! I agree! yeah that stripper chick is hot but I realise I dont love her I just got blinded by her boobs and blonde hair so I didnt call her today but if she wants to hook up again, it's on! and Rob fyi I don't do coke anymore because well the guy is in jail haha but I know your point, I'm Catholic and well I don't like sinning but I can't help my nature sometimes unfortunately
the fact that you made a mistake shows your human. your male alright and we all have the desire to have amazing sex with hot women.
justadude: I'm neither a moraist nor a religious zealiot, I just have a lot of trouble with the idea that a person can effectively be an officer of the court defending or prosecuting people for doing things that are part of his every-day lifestyle.

Being accepted to law school is a great honor but like so many other things in life it carries equally great responsibilities. Every lawyer I have ever known that tried to work both sides of that fence have suffered serious downfalls.
Rob Jul 11, 2010
Is this for real? Its sad....but exciting. I love it!!! never mind. it's NOT sad. BYE!! ;D
Answered Jun 13, 2013
Edited Jun 13, 2013

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