How to get rid of a psycho

lately this guy that my best friend was once friends with her has started to almost like he stalks her. he wont stop calling her wanting her to hang out. I know from experience that he has serious anger issues. im afraid that if they were to hang out that he would try something.

i need help guys. as soon as humanly possible

thanks and best regards to anyone who answers
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Asked Jul 08, 2010
Hello there,
What I would do is try to find as muc INFORMATION about this guy, print off the information about him, and sent it either to the girl he's stalking, or straight to the police if it's truly BAD.
He could just be a guy looking for attention, and mabey he does have anger issues but he can get help for that. TALK TO HIM and try not to get in a raging fight just asking him why he has been following ur friend and asking her out.
Ask him if he likes her, and if he says yes then there you go, he is just in NEED of a girl.
If I were you, I would get CLOSER to your 'gal' friend, and just hang out with her more. That 'stalker' seeing you WITH HER all the time will turn him away saying 'oh shit, she's protected'. you know what I mean?
Hope I could help, I know its not much, but mabey try searching his name on
or even

might give you some background information. Hope it helps.
Answered Jul 08, 2010
He needs to understand it isn't just between him and your friend and that there are consequences to what he's doing. That is an issue for your friends parent, older brother or an adult family friend to talk to him. Someone on the local police they may be willing to help also.

Answered Jul 09, 2010
i dont know if u still need advice cause it's a old post, I hope it's better by now and don't but just just in case, and first off im female lol... ok I have been in both of your shoes. when I was " her" the guy I was with was just nuts all the way around he didnt show it till almost 1 yr after we were together. at first it wasnt " hell" I guess I can put it that way cause thats were it went, but anyway at first I aint going to lie I did like it cause no one I had been with before did it so I thought he was cause he cared but my freinds and family seen it wasnt careing but of couse I didnt listen. nothing u can do will make him stop because he has gotten whatever it was he wanted out from her so now he has that power over her. but see mine keeps going, and this is the biggest reason I hope u have already gotten it taken care of. but I didnt so aftere 6 months he started doing little things when he got mad at me face to face, pull my hair, bend my fingers back ect pluse still stalked me didnt matter if I was work or were. so when he started this " new" control, it was like the stalking he had reasons and I was more into him now more in love and he always no matter what it was he was sorry he love me blah blah blah. ok so during the last year we were together that when it turned for the worse, punching, kicking, slamming my head in to walls floors if I didnt "make him happy" he would take it. whatever u can think of everything now in my life that I had was gone I was no longer human, but then again I was more in now then the last time, and he was sorry he love me he didnt know why he did whatever, im just telling u this I know ur not the one with ur freinds man, I am not saying this is what he will do. I am just respounding on to something that had happen and what hes doing right now is how my started. I had to leave and move to another state, not once not twice I came from WV and now im all the way in AR. because with him paper was paper, cops could kiss his butt and jail he would eventually get out. like I said I am not saying this to get pity or nothing im saying this so if it has gotten like this then maybe this will help. I prey it hasnt I hope it never dose cause I would not wish this on to no one . well I hope I could be some help but if u dont need it aswesome but once u read it u can have just in case u ever see that someone eles. oh I want to say the whole getting away from it. that is on him, I had no choice to leave state or I wouldnt be alive by now. but one thing I did relize if u have to say ur going to call the cops then always go thru 100% cause once someone gets that way they watch 24/7 for the next thing they can get. and if she u or whoever do get her out and completely away from him do not no matter what what let her go back, cause if he hasnt did what mine did then thats when it will. ok imma go and hope alls well
Answered Oct 20, 2010

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