I am a teenage girl with dizzieness I need to know im not alone

My doctor keepa telling me that soo many tennage girls get dizzieness and it is so common. I go to a decent size school, I play volleyball, and id say I have a good amount of friends and yet I still have not met anyone who gets dizzy everytime they stand or has to eat more salt and drink tons of water, or who has wierd mood swings because of this. I just want to know who else is out there like me.
Asked Jul 03, 2010
OHEMGEE. im exactly like you. I get dizziness randomly when I dont even expect it. I thought that I was alone. but my mom says that its usually because im too hot. so she tells me to take a cold-water shower. that ALWAYS helps me.
Answered Jul 03, 2010
same man
If you lie down then stand up fast and become dizzy, that's from low blood pressure. If you have access to a blood pressure monitor, below 100/65 could cause it. That would go away fairly quickly once your heart catches up.

If it lasts longer, extremely low blood sugar could be the cause. If drinking a glass of orange juice makes it go away, that's a possibility.

If it happens when you're excited or stressed, hyperventilation could cause it.

Pay attention to what you've been doing before it happens. That could give your doc some good clues. If you should faint, you need to go back to the doctor right away.
Answered Jul 03, 2010
thanks this helps alot
you might have an inner ear infection. The other thing most people over look is not enough water. This can cause the dizzy feeling also. The salt thing could be electrolytes. 1/4 teaspoon of real sea salt (the color is grayish or pink not white) each morning until you feel the drink refreshing and want to drink it, will help the feeling. Also ask for a spit test. This is one the doc don't give because it is expensive and is time consuming for you. This checks you hormones. not just the female but the gland too. your adrenal glands could be used to much and need a supplement. If the range is close to normal and not to the extreme but still not normal they will say all is right. but ask if it is over or under the norm so you can research what to do for it. If you shoulder pain in the fold of the arm then look into the blood flow to the head from the blood flow going that way and tilt your head slowly from side to side (ear to shoulder) till the feeling goes away or hit your chest around your left breast at 11, 2, 7 o'clock until things calm down. If you have money go see a Chiropractor schooled in Palmer method and if you don't have a problem with needles find a good acupuncturist. This is what is done in my life. it only took me over 40 years to get to the point where I learn to live with the body I have and it is ok to learn and be you own care giver so you can go forward in life and do good. good luck
O I do ask for help every day through Heavenly Father to give me strength to get through the day. It really helps.
Answered Sep 24, 2010
alwys always always always ask God
OH MY GAW! I'm dizzy allllllllll the timee! we should meet sometime and exchange stories. wanna move to LA with me and be my roomie? we can meet zac efron♥♥♥♥
Answered Dec 22, 2010
hahahaha of course minus the zefron thing...... :P
So normal. I am the same as you. Sometimes I even fall over I get so dizzy ur not alone.
Answered Nov 07, 2012
the same happen to me . I'm 16 n recently I have been getting these dizzy feeling as though the earth is moving or shaking bot the real thing is I'm feeling dizzy.. it just happen out of blue I'm clueless y it is happening may be because I'm not drinking sufficient water n not eating on time.. but the thought alone is scaring me.. so please help me. :)
Answered Jun 23, 2013
It may help to eat plenty of fruits everyday especially bananas which are rich in potassium. Try to get them organic is possible.
Answered Jun 23, 2013
Really me ton I hate that it drives me crazy it messes up me in pe
Answered Oct 04, 2013
It really helps if you flex your stomach muscles straight after you begin to feel dizzy. (I get this too and it really helps!)
Answered Apr 29, 2014
Feel relaxed
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