I just started my dog on allergy injections, should I keep giving her Benadryl?

I just started my dog on allergy injections but the brochure says that it can take up to 6 months to show improvement, do I keep giving her the Benadryl and Claritin that she usually takes (she takes a Benadryl and ½ a Claritin twice a day)?
Asked Jul 01, 2010
I would direct that question to the vet that prescribed the alergy injections.

Benadryl sounds like skin alergies. My golden retriever had severe skin allergies and our vet put her on a dog food called "Evo" (link below) that is all natural. In about a month it cleared up and she now has a beautiful coat and doesn't scratch at all. We get it at a store called Care-A-Lot, don't know if it's a chain or not.

If you try it, over a week, gradually blend it in with the current food until it's 100% Evo, otherwise the dog may get diarrhea.


Answered Jul 01, 2010
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