Is anyone else having problems with their Acer 5538 laptop?

I have a acer 5538...Everyday I get on my laptop and sometimes im typing in a password or typing in something and the only keys that work is the backspace and the spacebar the k will copy a tab l,o open a file other keys will do other things if I click a link or a video it will start in a new tab and I know im not holding anything down for sure.Is there anyway to fix this and is it just my laptop or do other people have this problem?
Asked Jun 28, 2010
Maybe your keyboard is attempting to send you a message.
"Dear owner,

I'm tired of having to input your terrible grammar and/or punctuation. So from now on, I'll not be working properly all the time.

Acer 5538."
Answered Jun 29, 2010
LOL! xD True dat! Never ignore the Grammar Police, as my online friends say.

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