My g/f got me a 18kt gold over sterling silver ring and its turning silver

Asked Jun 26, 2010
umm its fake.....
Answered Jun 30, 2010
its not real and u should throw it away
Answered Jul 15, 2010
don't throw it away tell her that you know it is fake don't throw it away she will get really mad at you trust me I am a girl
Answered Jul 15, 2010
It is only a gold plated silver ring. The electroplating will wear off over time when wearing.
The only type of "layering" that is permanent is when a very thin sheet of gold is "sweated" on to other metals such as silver or nickel to bond them together.

Then it can be called "Rolled Gold" naming the carat used - usually 18kt. The weight of gold it contains must be 1/20 th. of the total weight of the article to allow the article to be stamped with a Trade mark and carat quality which is your guarantee that the article contains what it says.

This is regulated under the "Precious Metals Marking Act" in Canada and I believe that the US have similar regulations.

An example of this type of manufacture is some "Cross" brand of pen and pencils set
Answered Mar 13, 2011

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