Why does Academic writing condemn the use of first and second person pronouns

Academic writing standards generally condemn the use of first and second person pronouns such as I, me, my, you, and your. Why do you think this is the case?
Asked Jun 25, 2010
I believe it was really smart to surf the web for answers. That is what I'm doing. I think as long as we do not copy someone's answer your ok. How else are we to find information and learn?
babs14 Jul 24, 2010
You are right, looking for informtion on the web is ok. There is nothing wrong with asking for help.
There is a distinction between formal and informal writing. Personal pronouns are considered informal as you would write a letter to a friend. Academic writing is supposed to be formal. It's like holding your pinkie finger up when you drink a cup of tea. Nobody has any idea what the purpose is but that's how it's "supposed to be" done.

The choice of words that gives the reader a clear mental picture makes the best communication. However, if the purpose of the writing is to get the best grade, "supposed to be" always wins.

Answered Jun 26, 2010
You were very helpful with your answer. I do not want to copy it I just wanted to see some thoughts. THX again
klove1 Jan 26, 2011
This must be a student asking this question from University of Phoenix (Axia) you should be able to answer this on your own without having to go and snatch someones answer shame on you ! !!
Answered Jun 26, 2010
livandlovnlife, u must b lookin 4 an answer u r on here!!!!
that is what they call "student interaction" and the whole idea behind participation
well your either a teacher or a student. how did YOU stumble across this question?
I disagree with the notion that only a student or a teacher would ask that question. At least 99.9% of what I've learned in my life was learned after I left school.

Any question that begins with WHY is asking for an explaination not simply the answer.
Rob Sep 04, 2010
I think the whole thing is funny. I am looking for a good explanation. This is not to be "snatched". All of you are so serious, lighten up we are suppose to be haven fun!!!!!!!!!! Oh, is it all right if I look for a answer that is explained different then some where else?
Lovenit Sep 19, 2010
@heartthrob69- There is nothing wrong with surfing for different point of views on the subject. It's perfectly okay to look at many opinions on the subject to form your own. It is called thinking critically!
Answered Aug 07, 2010
I agree with you heart, yes I am looking up this exact question as to get a better understanding of why or why not to use these pronouns in my writing. If one was to never try to broaden there knowledge on a certain subject then they would never excel. Critical thinking is what good students rely on.
Tree Sep 25, 2010
Thank you. Well said. I also came here looking for opinions to this exact topic,.
zeke Nov 29, 2010
LOL... You guys are awesome. I was looking to gain more knowledge based off other's opinions and I stumble across so much more :-) lol Good stuff. Carry on.
I too am a student of Axia. I stumbled a crossed this question for the same reason to get an opinion before writing out my answer. I like to collect information from multiple sources before submitting my work.
Jgarey Jan 15, 2011
Amen rjwhatley220!!!!
Answered Sep 04, 2010
this is also another form of learning, after all uop classes are online as well and its not like we have the whole book in front of us to surf.
Answered Sep 17, 2010
The reason why first and second person pronouns are "condemned" is because the focus should be on the work, not the writer. An academic reader doesn't really care about the writer's opinions (which is what usually happens when first and second person pronouns are used), but care more about the topic and what is learned about IT, not the author.
Answered Oct 01, 2010
PK - this is the best explanation yet. Our "materials" for class do not explain it this way. Therefore, I will take what you wrote, what I learned from the materials and write my own explanation with critical thinking. Thanks.
Trixie Nov 06, 2010
I just wanted to say thank you for your input on this topic. I knew what "academic writing" was but just could not put the words onto paper! Your awnser helped me so much. I had no idea that there was a web site like this!! Thanks again for your help :)
summer Nov 10, 2010
The questions we have to answer are not in the reading material. I often find myself trying make stuff up, so I am glad this site is here :)
I believe there are two reasons the use of first and second person pronouns are condemned in academic writing. The main reason instructors want to see academic writing in everything that is handed in is because the idea of college is to use critical thinking. Instructors want to see their students use their brain. Using first and second person pronouns such as I, me, my, you, and your may seem to flow naturally onto the page because this is how people tend to speak in everyday friendly conversation. However, this is not using the critical thinking process.
Along with critical thinking, college is to train students to be more professional. The second reason instructors want to see the elimination of first and second person pronouns is because they tend to make a piece of writing appear less professional. An employer would not be very interested in a resume that was cluttered with ā€œIā€. The employer may think if the person applying does not care enough to turn in a proper resume then why would the person use proper writing on the job.
Instead of using these pronouns try rearranging the sentence and adding different words. The elimination of pronouns only requires a little bit of thinking, and will make papers more enjoyable to read.
Answered Nov 13, 2010
In my belief this is done to take the personal effect out of the writing not only to make it a more professional but also to allow the reader to interject his/her own thoughts and feeling of self into what they are reading.
zeke Nov 29, 2010
P. S. I also feel that it using the critical thinking process that students are being taught to use in the professional arena as well as to keep the personal formats out of their writing for that specific purpose is a good one. Using the internet is a good use of critical thinking to find other thoughts and ideas to improve on their own thoughts as well as interjecting their own ideas to the subject matter at hand.
zeke Nov 29, 2010
I like your ideas. To me proper academic writing is similar to math in that I was taught not to use pronouns in essays because it is simply the rules. Ever since grade school I was taught this. Yes, practicing proper writing also helps to encourage professionalism for the workplace in the future.
people simply look for new ideas...
Answered Nov 25, 2010
Since academic writings are more intuitive and formal, they should lack pronouns either first or second which are personal. It is also true that it is the argument or the fact that is crucial than the writer who is putting them. Another point may be if any academic piece of writing is accomplished without mentioning any referent like them, it would be more interesting to read than otherwise.
Answered Dec 20, 2010
Edited Dec 20, 2010
I just wanted to say I too was searching for the answer to this question. I never laughed so hard in my life. But all of you are correct in saying searching the internet is the way to go. They NEVER said we could'nt. LOL
Answered Jan 14, 2011
Yes, searching the web is the best way when looking for information! Years ago, before the internet, people researched in books, magazines, and newspapers. How are we supposed to find information without researching?
The reader does not want "your" opinion, They want the facts, unadulterated by the writer. If they wanted an opinion they would be reading the editorials.
Answered Jan 25, 2011
Okay people, I guess ya'll need to move on over and make room for me on the bandwagon! I, too, am here "researching" the answer to this, and Yes!, I am a student also! So, what the heck is the true answer? Our "text" in "class" does not offer much in the way of "why" is is frowned upon!
Answered Jan 27, 2011
First !Yes I am a student and I have to agree that my textbooks did not include an extensive amount of information on academic writing and pronouns. I, too, researched to learn more about what I was being ask to write about. There are alot of different opinions out here about researching this particular subject.In my opinion, I think it is ok and there is nothing wrong with looking for answers using different methods. How else would people learn if we could not research?
Answered Feb 18, 2011
Haha I'm from the University of Phoenix and I came on here to view other people's answers. I don't want to steal them. Helllooo they have the plagerism check and i'm sure this would pop up.
Answered Jun 08, 2011
You must be in my class!!
I'm in that class too
wyzepro Aug 11, 2011

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