I need to know what a family fund is

my husaband and son were killed in a accident and my brother in law set up a fund at a bank called the hunger family fund, but I have no excess to it I have to ask him whenever I need any money, could someone please explain how these funds work and why I can not have my name on it my brother in law says it's because of the irs. I just do not understand, please help me to understand.

debra hunger
Asked Jun 25, 2010
Where did the money in the fund come from? If it's the proceeds of an insurance policy, the benificiary of the policy (or their legal guardian) should control the money. If it came from donations, it becomes more complicated.

Is it in a trust? If it is, and he is the trustee, he's required to make decisions based on what is in your best interest and provide an annual accounting.

I can think of no reason why his controlling the money would be any different from the IRS perspective than if you had access to it. No disrespect intended toward your brother-in-law but I'd talk to a lawyer about it before you find out the money is gone.

Answered Jun 26, 2010
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