How do I fix the power windows in my 1996 Honda Civic EX?


I have a 96 Honda EX (coupe) with a power windows problem. Basically, several years ago, the passenger side window began malfunctioning. It would roll down but then not roll up and vice versa. I fiddled around with the rubber conduit that houses the wires which run from the door to the body of my car. If I pulled them in a certain direction, I could operate my window. However, this quick fix didn't last long, and soon no matter how I played with the connecting wires, the window would not go up. Now, the same problem has occurred on my driver's side door, and my quick fix worked at first, but now my window is stuck down.

Before I take it to the honda dealership (and get charged thousands of dollars) I'm wonder if there is an easy way to fix this. I believe the problem is a frayed wire, because when I would pull or push the wire conduit, the windows would work. Three years ago I had new motors etc installed, so I don't believe the problem lies there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you....
Asked Jun 22, 2010
you are most likely right with it being a frayed wire. I would suggest going to your local parts stores, used and new. they might make a aftermarket replacement kit for your door wiring. if not, you can go to the used parts yard, see if they have any vehicles matching yours, ask them to unhook all the connections inside the door and cut it where it comes out of the cab (don't mix up the wires from side to side) as close as they can, unless there is a plug there (some have it some don't)

after you bring the wiring home, you need to obsessively disassemble your doors.
after this step, remove your wiring from the door, do not cut off yet...
if possible take out of door and let hang from the cab to the ground.

then you will install your new wiring harness. sticking the cut or plug ends out of the door. if the new harnesses came from the same car as yours, the wire colors or plugs should be the same. if you have to cut and join the wires, you will need some supplies, depending on your wiring skill, you can either solder or but join your connections, soldering being the better choice. either way, make sure to put some shrink wrap over your connections, at least a half inch on each side. it is a good idea to do this one wire at a time so you don't get confused if there are duplicate colors.

if the wires are not the same, you will have to do some tracing. should not be to difficult of a job. good luck

hope this helps.
Answered Jun 29, 2010
In the driver side door panel, open that up, under the switch there are two plugs, a small one with one wire might be undone.

I had that happen, its a brown (i believe) plug with 1 black wire, unhook it and re-plug it and see if that helps.

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Answered Sep 20, 2016

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