Cost to service central air conditioner.

We currently have a Carrier air conditioner in our home that is 26 years old. It still operates well except it has a minor leak in the system somewhere and we have to have the freon serviced (they have to add a little to the system) every couple of years. I know all of the negatives of the old style freon and the cost involved with handling it but I am having a little problem justifying the price I was charged to have the system serviced. The technician topped the freon off and said he added a dye (to detect leaks later if requested) and charged me $338.00. I'm I off base or does this seem rather high for this type of service? I live in Springfield, IL. Thanks.
Asked Jun 21, 2010
Freon (R-22) sells for about $40 a pound and service call labor about $95 an hour. The amount needed would depend on the size of the unit and how much had been lost.

If you subtract $95 for one hour labor and divide the remainder by 40, that would be about 6 pounds of Freon. If you have the information that came with the unit, look at the freon capacity. That will give you a rough idea of whether the price is high or not.
Answered Jun 23, 2010
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Answered May 26, 2014
We can not fix price by over looking your air conditioner. Come along with your air conditioner and our technicians will fix the price for repairing.
Answered Dec 02, 2015
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