Why do the british use a different flag in the world cup?

Asked Jun 19, 2010
SHORT ANSWER: England were the only country from Britain to qualify for the world cup in South Africa. What you saw was St. Georges Cross (the English flag) and NOT the Union flag (Brittish flag).

I'm English, let me explain. Britain is more than just one country, it is actually four: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (The Republic of Ireland is another seperate country and is not part of Britain). The English Prime Minister is also Prime Minister for Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland have their own government. The Queen is Queen of all of Great Britain, including Scotland (She is also Queen of Australia and some other countries that used to be part of the Brittish empire). All these countries have their own football (soccer) teams. For some reason at the olympic games we join together as Britain but for most other sports the countries are represented individually.

Extra credit: Many people think the Union flag (Brittish flag) is called "The Union Jack", this is incorrect. It is the Union Jack when it is on a ship but anywhere else it is the Union flag and not the Union Jack.
Answered Jul 24, 2010
Good information. When you have a chance, why not add how all of that fits into the European Union. Is Great Britan in the E.U. or do the four countries deal with the E.U. on their own. Also, the Eurozone.
Rob Jul 24, 2010
Good answer. Seriously tho
Kinzyk Aug 10, 2013

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