Why are their weird people walking around on this beutiful earth?

why are their ugly looking pervs around that have nothing better to do than to stair at people in a weird way? Even when you work?
Asked Jun 19, 2010
well if we didnt have the so called weird people then who would be normal. being weird is like how there cant be shadows without light. in order for someone to be considered normal you have to have the weird people
Answered Jul 31, 2010
Perfect answer. Wierd is simply a description for people different than we are.
Rob Jul 31, 2010
exactly. people dont realize this anymore. I consider myself weird because I dont necessarily follow what most people consider normal.
It's not about being either wierd or normal. Life should be a search for the truth. If what the herd believes is the truth, that's great. If it isn't, then you have to accept being classified as wierd. Either way, it's not the labels we hang on each other, it's how each of us sail our own personal ships.
Rob Jul 31, 2010

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