When doing two 2'x 12'x3.5" slab for extra parking should concrete be reinforced with welded wire

Asked Jun 13, 2010
Edited Jun 13, 2010
yes you should use wire or 1/2" re-bar (2 or 3 runs of re-bar might work better if your parking something heavy on it) for reinforcing. also, you are going to want to dig down about a foot below the bottom of the pad, and if your going to be 1' wide, dig each half a foot wider on each side. then you are going to go and buy some road crush or anything that has good packing qualities. fill till the estimated bottom of your pad, and rent a small compactor to compact the fill before pouring concrete. otherwise it will crack and brake as it sinks un-uniformly.

also make sure that you center your pads to the center of the wheels. if your parking on the edge constantly will crack and brake the concrete
Answered Jun 13, 2010

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