Why is religious attendance declining

Asked Jun 13, 2010
because people are realizing that religion is nothing but a scapegoat for what ever someone doesn't like something or cant explain something.
Answered Jun 13, 2010
Religious Attendance is declining in some specific religions(You know which I am referring to, don't you?),these religions are declining because a lot of their people are followers just in name, most of them live in the developed world(the western world) and thus they recieve good education and they are raised in such an Environment where they learn to treat religion as rubbish for fanatics. But at the same time, One religion is thriving and expanding at a great rate, while as we know, the others are just dying.
Answered Jun 17, 2010
I agree with all that ford_guy has said its true. A lot of people are beginning to believe in the idea of evolution and the big bang now. Some people are also just tired of the hypocratic behavior of some religions. Some people are tired of people saying they believe and follow one thing but they really dont.
Answered Jun 17, 2010
The churches and their ministers have lost the respect and support of the masses. In fact, many people believe that religion contributes to or causes conflict. For centuries, most people believed that God requires obedience. They went to church to gain God's favor, either through rites conducted by the priest or through guidance provided by a preacher. Many have noticed the hypocrisy in religion. But most people felt that religion itself was good. Then, several developments changed the way that many people viewed the churches. One, the theory if evolution became popular. Also, many churches changed their message. Priest and preachers gave up teaching that God requires obedience. Instead, many taught that each individual must decide for himself what was right or wrong. Trying to gain popularity, some religious leaders claimed that God accepts you no matter how live. The bible foretold this at 2 Timothy 4:3. So rather then attracting people, such teaching turned them away. So is there any religion out that teachers and practices what the bible really says? A wonderful website you may find interesting is www.jw.org. It shows what the bible says and shows us how we can live our lives according to Gods standards and not those of men.
Answered Apr 07, 2014
Answered Apr 07, 2014

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