Where is my home page (my.msn.com)

My my.msn.com home page has disappeared again. This happens to me 2 or 3 times a year and I can never remember what to do. I don't want to have to reconstruct the whole thing over again.
Asked Jun 11, 2010
Sean, did somebody drop you on your head recently?
Sean, did someone drop you on your head recently?
Sean your head is one of if not the best on truthful news and fair news in the WORLD Thank GOD for a station like FOX NEWS and men and women who work there and that's not bragging that's facts and I have been around for 77 years heard all the good news stations ( that was then}but now there is only ONE TV station and a good many radio stations and the FOX NEWS watchers and u guys no who they are. Hope the world see this comment, but u know how the news goes these days, if ain't a FOX it ain't News. Bronson.
bronson Jun 29, 2017
Go Sean go. GOD BLESS u and FOX NEWS and all your family and friends have a great life youngster. Bronson.
bronson Jun 29, 2017
Ask_Sean Says, Click on the "start button" and click on the "control pannel" and go to "internet options" and a small window will open there you should enter your web address that you want for your Home Page but there is an easier way and that way is to go to www.msn.co.uk and click on the "make this page my Home Page" (down the bottom).
Answered Sep 14, 2010
where is my home page msn home page can you help
Answered Mar 04, 2013
Answered Mar 05, 2013
my homepage is internet exployer and I cant find it. google appears at start up
Answered Oct 05, 2013
If you lost your Xfinity home page, you are blessed. Pray that you'll never find it!
Answered Jul 01, 2017

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