How long does water stay fresh out of fridge?

how long does stagnant water stay fresh?

Asked Jun 10, 2010
it depends if it was already open or not
Answered Jun 26, 2010
Fresh tasting water is water that is aerated (bubbly) from being under pressure in the distribution system. When it sits, it loses the air and tastes flat. We've aquired a taste for air in water the same as putting ice in it. Most people like water cold when they drink it even though nothing's changed, frozen water is just more water. Fresh water is just water with air in it.

A lot of the bottled water sold today is tap water that has been pumped up with air and bottled in an air tight container under a little air pressure to make it taste, "fresh." How long it will last simply depends on how long it takes for the air to dissipate.

If you have source of low pressure air like an airbrush compressor, blow air into stale water and taste it. It comes back to life.

Answered Jun 27, 2010
Edited Jun 27, 2010
I think it depends upon the quality of the fridge and also on the fact that whether the fridge is on (open) or off (close).
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Answered Apr 27, 2014

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