I have some collective coins I need to find out what they are worth?

i have a set of silver classics one is a walking liberty half dollar 1944
i have a set of war time steel cents 1943-p 1943-D 1943-s
i have a John F Kennedy half dollar collection with the dates staarting at 1965 thru 1969
i have two uncurculated 1964 J.F.K. half dollars
i have strange but true 1959 D penny and 1968D Kennedy half dollar
i have world war II silver nickles dates start at 1942 thru 1945 there are also4 pennies in the nickle set wich are each diffrent
Asked Jun 08, 2010
Maybe put it on eBay and I can buy it
I say about 300 to 500 dollars I know because I collect coins I have 42 coins in my collection right now I have a 1909 penny if interested in coins look on eBay they are pretty cheap starting from 0.01 to 39.99

By zombie55
Answered Nov 13, 2012
I say in regards to 300 to 500 dollars I know since I gather mint pieces I have 42 currencies in my accumulation at the present time I have a 1909 penny if inspired by coins look on eBay they are truly modest beginning from 0.01 to 39.99

Answered Jan 27, 2018
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