When trying to connect to online games I keep getting "page not found"

How can this be corrected? what can be done to connect to the games?
Asked May 31, 2010
Try unplugging ur internet and plugging it back in. See if that helps, if not, then contact your local internet supervisor.
Answered Jul 07, 2010
If other web pages like google are working O.K. and you cannot load one specific game, it is likely a problem at the game site. If google works and you can't load any game pages, there could be a block on the computer. If it doesn't load any pages at all, try what shannanita suggested above.
Answered Jul 08, 2010
but usually if you see your connection may not be working so u can fix it ya...but if it still not working then u gotta just repair ur comp or that website may be fake
Answered Aug 15, 2010
I know about Runescape..it's good but can get boring at times. What are some other good ones? And don't say anything like WoW I'd have to play for. I played Second Life but it lagged a lot. There are 2 examples of what kind I would like. Thanks.


Answered Jan 17, 2019

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