What are some lessons that the 21st Century Church can learn by studying Churh History

What is true Christianity and who should be granted the credit for its beginning?

How can we keep the Church( The believers of Jesus Christ and the individuals who follw and promate his teachings) united?

What is your explanation of "Inheriting the Kingdom of God?

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Asked May 26, 2010
You have asked a number of questions, so I'll try to be brief:

1) What is True Christianity and how to keep the Church united.

God accepts religion as pure and blameless if you take care of orphans and widows in their time of need.
(James 1:27)

Also, if you take care of children and other disadvantaged or helpless people.
(Matthew 25:31-46)

Do these things, remind other Churchlings that this is what Christianity is about, and stop fighting about everything else.

2) Who deserves the credit? (Besides God, I assume)

The Christian tradition is the melding of the writings and collective knowledge of thousands of individuals, and most importantly the blending of four important traditions:

Greek philosophy, Roman military structure, Jewish religion and literacy, and mothering.

Jesus and his protege, John, helped unite two traditions, the Hebrew written language and the songs and ways of caring that women had used for generations in taking care of their children, bathing them, taking care of them when they were in need. For them love became a more important factor in religion than fear, law, and tradition.

Later, a Roman army commander named Saul, who was trying to squash the Christian movement, found the light and eventually met a Greek philosopher and writer named Luke. Saul had a conversion experience, changed his named to Paul, and began to apply techniques used in military strategy, such as sending messengers to different splinter groups, and travelling around.

Luke traveled with him and wrote many of his letters, and also compiled his own version of the early Christian writings, which were a history of the life and teachings of Christ and of the early church.

Together with Paul, Luke wrote over 50% of the New Testament. If he is responsible for writing the books and epistles of John, which is speculated, then he may just have written the majority of the New Testament, and deserves credit as the founder of Christianity. Even the word Christianity comes from his writings.

3) Finally, what is inheriting the kingdom of God?

Learning from those who have gone before us, and creating a world that is loving and sustainable.
Answered Dec 31, 2010
Edited Dec 31, 2010

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