My jeep burns too much gas

i have mistubishi mentro 1997. it runs 10 miles per gallon
Asked May 25, 2010
Don't push so hard on the gas pedal then!
Take off gently and let the other idiots race away at the lights.
When you see a light on green in the distance don't race up to it 'cos you ain't gonna make it, ease off the pedal altogether and just coast up to the lights, they'll probably be green again by then. Do the same thing if they're on red.
If it is genuinely a mechanical problem then take it to a mechanic but the above advice is good for all occasions.
Answered Aug 29, 2010
The 1997 Mistubishi Montero is rated at about 14 MPG city and 18 MPG highway. That's a new vehicle, tuned and timed. I wouldn't consider a loss of 4MPG on a 13 year old car as being abnormal. Changing filters, plugs etc. might help a little but the best improvment you could hope for is 4 MPG.
Answered Aug 29, 2010
There's several reasons why this could happen but what is 'Too Much' mean to you, my 940 does 35mpg which I am happy with since it is a large car with a 2.3i engine.
1) When was the last time your car was serviced? A good service normally helps with fuel usage.
2) Are your Ignition leads all working and undamaged? If one isn't working then you'll be misfiring and wasting fuel from that area as the spark plug will not ignite the fuel.
3) How are you driving the car? If you drive at high speeds, use the low gears all the time then this will use up fuel

Answered May 30, 2013
It's a Jeep.
Answered Nov 13, 2013

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