I need to ask a question about chapter 11

i'm in chapter 11 and lost my other business also, so now i,m going to file for chapter 7 because I have eight fraction in my foot and it will take a year to heal. so i,ve been I chapter 11 for a year 1/2 and now the only thing I have left is my truck and because it was part of the deal which was to sell my building which was apprised at 800,000 before the market fall . and the agreement was to sell it but it didnt sell and I didnt make money to pay back any thing. I would really like to keep my truck but usaa want the value of 16,000.00 I payed 6 years and almost had it payed off before everything came to the end. I want to keep my truck is there any way to have usaa come down on the price owed. I really need an answer thanks so much , I a single woman.
Asked May 24, 2010
What in the world did this person just say? I cannot even read it? Does this lady speak English? It sounds like she's one of those people who keep spamming you saying "My husband/wife died (blah blah blah....); I'm going to give you a (fake) 17.4 M $USD, but I'm from London and need a bank transfer (blah blah blah...)
Are you high?
I have no idea what this person is talking about.
Answered Jan 12, 2014

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