How I a dominant trait represented using symbols

Asked May 17, 2010
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When talking about genes, traits, and stuff like that, people use letters to describe characteristics. If I were to say that I was describing people with eye colors, I would use the letter of the dominant color over the recessive color. (i.e. Brown would be "B" and Blue would be "b"." The dominant trait would be capitalized, and the recessive trait would be the letter of the dominant trait, but it would be lowercased.
Answered Feb 06, 2011
Dark hair is dominant over blonde or red hair. Curly hair is dominant over straight hair. Baldness is a dominant trait. Having a widow's peak (a V-shaped hairline) is dominant over having a straight hairline. Freckles, cleft chin and dimples are all examples of a dominant trait. Google
Answered Jan 23, 2020

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