How to avoid sexual attraction?

Asked May 14, 2010
Edited May 14, 2010
good luck
Answered May 14, 2010
It's a terrible affliction. I have often had to beat women off with a big stick! It's no joke being as attractive, charismatic, intelligent, and magnetic as I am. Often, I tried to uglify myself, by not washing or shaving, but if anything, that made it worse. It's a gruelling, shattering ride, but I cannot deny myself this luxury any longer. I've been celibate almost, erm, . . six hours now, and I'm popping out shortly, for a shag.
Answered Jun 29, 2010
I've prayed to God, and even that has not worked too much. I'm starting to think there is something in human DNA and such that propels us with a strong energy.

Age-ing may be your best bet. I think as people get older, the power-pull slowly winds down for various reasons, including hormone decline, and increases unattractiveness.
Answered Jul 16, 2010
think of people as friend and not gfs and or bfs and it will be easyer
Answered Aug 07, 2010
Brutally honest: Whack off. :-)
Answered Aug 08, 2010
Edited Aug 08, 2010
lmao yeah that normally helps if your horny
How do you avoid hunger? Trying to avoid sexual attraction is not normal, it's perfectly natural so let it go.
Answered Oct 15, 2012
There are a ton of ways you can avoid this- but whenever you are, let’s hope you’re not also avoiding your sexual health. There’s something to be said for a hygienic, clean, hydrated penis that you know is performing its best. There is an amazing product on the market that I’ve been using for years called Man1 Man Oil. Try it out!
Answered Jan 14, 2020
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