Why do we need to do backups on our laptops for?

why do we need to do backups on our laptops for? what are the back ups used for?
i'm asking this because my brother in law said I didn't need to do it. and I have online games that I payed for and I need to know, if I did a back up, would they go on there.so that wouldn't lose the game?
Thank you so much and God bless,
Asked May 13, 2010
Edited May 13, 2010
You need to do a regular back up to save any data that you have created yourself that is stored locally on your computer. How often is determined by how often you can afford to lose your information, but a safe time frame is usually either weekly or monthly. If you are worried about online games, no, you would not lose them if your laptop crashed, but you would need to verify that you had purchased them. Are you able to access these sites from another computer? If so, there is nothing to worry about. If not, chances are you have some sort of private data stored locally that you received when you set up the online gaming. Hope that this helps.
Answered May 13, 2010
Regular backups are required to keep your data safe and protected. I think online file stores are best to keep your data secure. For more information about online data storage one can visit
Answered Mar 02, 2014

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