Whats wrong with my car?

my car is a 97 pontic grand am gt. My husband kept saying he was gonna check the water in it but he never did. I was driving down the road then it got real hot and started to smoke a little. Well he came and finally put water in it. The motor isn't blown all the way. I can still drive it and it starts up just fine, but now he has changed the oil in it 4 times now and water keeps going in the oil. He put some liquid glass in it but it didn't help. There is still water going in the oil. So I was woundering if someone could tell me what it could be. My husband said that it was the gaskets but now he is saying its something else. Please help me I don't think he knows as much as he says he does. Thank you.
Asked May 02, 2010
Could be the head gasket but definitly would pull head cover off and check and make sure the head doesn't have a crack in it! No gaskets to change there and really simple just a few bolts. But bound to say that is whats wrong with it... Cracked head......
Answered May 03, 2010

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