What is it called when many pictures create 1 picture in whole

Asked May 01, 2010
it is called a photo mosaic or photomosaic. there use to be many free programs that will take a collection of pictures that are preselected, and uses the images of many shrunken pictures as the elements used to construct an image using only the pictures. a common example is to surprise grandma with a family portrait assembled from all the children, or grandchildren. these programs usually let you choose the size of the many individual pictures the final picture is comprised of. a couple of hints- the more pictures you use, the less repetition of the picture. the more images you use allows you much better results, because the image resolution is based on dots per inch. and last, if you assemble an image that lets say has a lot of red in it.. the program searches your pictures for that color. if you only have a handful of pictures with red, it will pick as close as possible. I used to make these of my friends, made out of the many pictures I had of them. its a gift you can be sure wont be regifted! just google "photomosaic programs"-software-examples-tips-reviews, any of those queries should fixya right up...hope this helps, gordon
Answered Jul 20, 2010

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