Considering my child, should I think about my happiness or I should continue my marriage?

I'm married for 8 years with a 1.5 year old daugter. It was an arrange marriage. We had difficulty in level of understanding since the beginning and eventually started developing distance between us. Had very irregular personal/private time with each other. After four years of marriage, I decided to go for separation but could not successfully do it because of family pressure. I went back and gave a second thought about our marriage and had my daughter after a year. But our basic problem in terms of relationship was/is as bad as it used to be. We do not have any physical relation as I never enjoyed being with him. Most of the days I be agitated with household activities and rearing kid. We have very different point of view in every aspect.
In this process of never ending meaningless relationship with my so called husband, I think I've started developeing a deep feeling for another guy who lives in another counrty and I started believing that he is Mr. Right for me as a lot of things of my Mr.Right criterion matches with him. Now I'm helpless and I do not think it is possible for my mind to decide on the right direction. I always wanted to be with Mr. Right but I don't know what to do.
Asked Apr 30, 2010
Try family couseling. Have him read WHAT WOMEN WANT MEN TO KNOW. If he woon't go, or read the book leave. Find someone who can love you and your child.
Answered Dec 24, 2010

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