What is attractive to women about playing guitar?

Ever since I've started playing and singing with my guitar at party's girls have been all over me, what is the deal with that???
Asked Apr 30, 2010
Edited Apr 30, 2010
they think it's romantic and they think it's sweet and that you'll play them a song on a special day or something! by the way it's johhny's girlfriend
Answered Jun 30, 2010
because it's just sexy for a guy to know how to sing, dance, or play the guitar.......;-)
Answered Jun 30, 2010
I think it's somewhat instinctive and also partly sexual. Instinctively, it's a turn on that a man is so coordinated with his hands enough to make that instrument play music. Sexually they probably think "If he can do that to a guitar with his hands I wonder what else he can do!" lol
Answered Nov 26, 2012
I think it's romantic, you'll play Guitar them a Surprise song on a special day or something! Girl Love your song.
Answered Jun 02, 2016

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