Can I be pregnant if I had unprotected sex 2 days before my period?

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Asked Apr 27, 2010
I had unprotected sex and the guy came inside of me on October 14th- 15th then I had my period October 17th- 24th then I had sex with a diff guy and we didn't use condoms but he pulled out. Now it's novemeber and I didn't get my period if I'm pregnant who baby is it and is it possible to be pregnant I took a test on novemeber 15th it said negative I think it's to early for a test to tell me help me please
I had sex days before thanksgiving but I was on my period on thanksgiving don't remember when I started or ended I had sex again after thanksgiving now I am 15weeks and 3 days preganant when was my baby conceived????
That is the same question im trying to figure out and all I could find out was its still possible but not as possible. The only time you should really worry about getting pregnant after having unprotected sex is about 2 weeks after your period. 2 weeks after your period is when you ovulate and release an egg that could be fertilized. So dont worry TO much about it, but it still is a little risky.
Answered Apr 27, 2010
Well if you have unprotected sex 2 days before your expected period, it's possible to get pregnant, however if you had sex and then 2 days later had your period, then you're just not pregnant. Yes, sometimes women have some spotting when pregnant, but don't be mistaken, it's not a period, it's just a little discharge, but the chances of that happening 2 days into a pregnancy are so small, it just won't happen, unless you commonly have spotting already. Anyways, the chances of you getting pregnant by having unprotected sex 2 days before your expected period are extremely unlikely, but like I said, it still could happen.
Answered Apr 27, 2010
So if I had unprotected sex and then one or two days later I get my period, does that mean im not pregnant?
yeees can someone please answer that question ^! im freakin ouuuut.
i had sex 2 weeks before my period is that a possibility of being pregnant?
no if you girls had unprotected sex then 2 days or 1 week later you get your period then you are not prego
i had sex 3 days before my expected period. got my full 8 day period, then about 3 weeks. later Gouda out I was 4 weeks pregnant. so yes its possible.
raemona Dec 26, 2011
what if it is 3 days after the 2 week ovualting period?
Answered Jul 28, 2010
i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 2 weeks after my period and then I started spotting and then heavy bleeding afterwards but my period is not suppose to come on for another week I am ttc (trying to concieve) but I talked to my doctor and they said if I dont get a period the next week then take a test and see if I am pregnant if it comes up negitive then I need to go the the doctor because it is still possible that I am pregnant all I can say is that everyone is different jus wait a couple weeks and see if you have a period and if not you could be pregnant also if it was a few days after its possible well good look hope everything works out
Answered Jan 22, 2011
If you had sex ANY days before a period and then got your period, you cannot get pregnant.

If you have sex two weeks before your period, you would be right in the middle of your fertile time and you probably WOULD get preggers.
Answered Jan 25, 2011
Hello there well it all depends I had intercourse 2 day's before my cycle and got it and then a week later I spotted I went to the doctors and they say there is still a chance I might be it all depends on how fertile you are I alway's conceived 2 day's after my period every women is different and it's still possible I have been having lower back pains and a pain on my right side just like I had with my little guy you just never know I have to go back to my doctor in the next couple of weeks if I dont get my cycle but there is alway's that slight chance I hope everything works out for you .
Answered Feb 01, 2011
i have been getting that same lower back pains and pain in the right side.....and my stomach has been hurting to all over but it hurts the most under my breast
can some one answer my question I had unprotected sex and got my period the following morning and then it only lasted two days. could I be pregnant?
Answered Mar 16, 2011
i dont think so that you will get pregnant just after your period ,it is still safe 5 days before and 5 days after is safe
Answered Sep 06, 2011
If me and my bf tried to just stick it in and it didnt work could there be a possiblity since his thing touched my thing then two days later I start but its pike spotty? Im so worried!
Answered Oct 19, 2011
So I had unprotected sex roughly 5 days before I am suppose to get my period. I took Plan B the next day, could I be pregnant? I'm freakin out!
Answered Oct 28, 2011
i had sex 2 weeks ago on a saturday & I started my period 4 days later could I be pregant because my friends are freaking me out saying I might be so am i?
Answered Nov 15, 2011
I had sex during my fertile week.. I was drug and we were just wild. It didnt hit me about protection until a few days later. My period was due for thanksgiving but it came a week earlier. It was a regular period but I have been cramping ever since my period left, getting lower back pains, nauseous and dizzy.... It just so happened I saw my doc for other reasons and she said its too early to tell. She thinks I may have a cyst.
Answered Dec 06, 2011
I had sex today & my period comes Sunday . I'm worried could I get pregnant or be pregnant still ? Please answer
I had sex & my period comes Sunday should I be worried I might get pregnant ?
Answered Dec 08, 2011

I had unprotected sex , 2 days before period with my wife and her period got extended , Is she conceived .. Do we have any pill to get periods
Answered Dec 16, 2011
Ok I'm on birth control I got my shot in November and me and my boyfriend unprotected sex and two days later I had my period and I haven't had my period in over year and I wasn't having sex then so could I still get pregnant????
Answered Jan 05, 2012
I need help asap I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and literally two days after I unexpectedly got my period and it was a light very light period and no cramping . I only had it for three days and now im spotting is it possible im pregnant or just too stressed out
Answered Oct 04, 2012
This is happening to me now! Im freaking out. Any answers?
adnama8 May 11, 2013
hi ,i had unprotected sex with my bf nov.2,2012 unprotected but never came in me but then after a week we did it again sun.11th,2012 morning an noontime,2days before my period and on the 14th of wensday I didnt start an nothin today yet can I be prego or just late on my thing?????

pls get back me if it true thanks
Answered Nov 12, 2012
Edited Nov 15, 2012
I had unprotected sex 2 days before my birth control was.over. still haven't period could.i be pregnant? This is my first month taking birth control & my bf and I had sex on the 12th so I had 2 pills left till the last week when I start my.period. now I took the two pills but didn't take the last week when im supposed to start my.period cause my doctor said I don't need to take them there just to keep track of your.period. so it's 3 days & I haven't started my period.. is this normal? Or am I pregnant? I been feeling a little sick & I been having wierd pains in my stomach & lower back. Is this early sign of pregnancy?
Answered Nov 21, 2012
Edited Nov 21, 2012
Can any body tell me what will happen if I have done intercourse in my periods... Actually I have taken bath but after 2 days my periods starts again and in between of this I have done my intercourse..
Answered Dec 22, 2012
u can get pregnant while on ur period. . I was always told u couldnt get pregnant while on period . but guess what u can . bc I did. so it is very possible. everybody body is different
Answered Jan 16, 2013
I had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago and he nutted in me 2 days before my cycle came on and my cycle still on can I be pregnant ??
Answered Feb 19, 2013
Someone help!! I have had my period and it stopped on Saturday, I was not due to take my pill till Monday and on Monday I forgot so today Tuesday I have took two but I have also had unprotected sex twice today... Can I be pregnant?? What shall I do??
Answered Feb 26, 2013
Go get a plan B pill. There is a chance but if you seek help immediately you will be fine. On another note if you don't want pregnancy keep condoms on hand in case you miss another pill. Good luck :)
I had intercourse with my bf just before the day I was going to have my expected period. I had my period right after I woke up, means last night I had sex, he left his sperms in and when I woke up I was having periods. But it was for only two days. Now can I get pregnant??? Plzz answer am really freaked out !!!
I had intercourse with my bf just before the day I was going to have my expected period. I had my period right after I woke up, means last night I had sex, he left his sperms in and when I woke up I was having periods. But it was for only two days. Now can I get pregnant??? Plzz answer am really freaked out !!!
Answered Mar 13, 2013
Yes , You Can Get Pregnant .
jujo Jan 03, 2014
I have unprotected sex with my boyfriend, but I came on my period today, its very red but its a light red its not normal for me and mine has always come dark and I was a bout 3days late on, could I be pregnant? I need advice?
Answered Mar 22, 2013
I had unprotected sex about 4- 5 days before my period was suppose to come. I have been cramping but no period. I took a test the day my period was suppose to come andit came out negative but my period still hasn't come and I am now 4 days late and I'm panicking. I have been a bit stressed out by the whole situation. How likely is it that I could be pregnant? :/
Answered Mar 24, 2013
Your period could be/seem early or late for any number of reasons - stress, hormones, medication, you-lost-track-of-what-day-it-is, whatever, so there's no 100% reliable "timing" method to predict when you can or can't become pregnant. Just assume you can...always.

Best thing to do is to take a pregnancy test (usually 2-3 in a pack, $15-$25). You'll have peace of mind for about $6. If it's positive, go see your doctor. If it's negative and you're still concerned, wait a week and take the other test. If it's negative, assume you're not pregnant. If you're worried about the irregularity of your period, go see your doctor.
Answered Apr 21, 2013
Me and my boyfriend had sex on November 18th. My period was suppose to start on the 20th of November. Today is December 4th, and my period stil hasn't come. It was unprotected sex, but he did NOT come in me. . Could I be pregnant???
OMG everyone sounds slow here .. it is possible to get pregnant at any time of having unprotected sex not everyone ovulates on day 14 or what ever the myth says. for example you can have unprotected sex two days before and have a full blown 8 to 7 day period and still be pregnant because it was to late to stop your cycle the eggs had already been dropped and mother nature was ready to do her job. it is possible to conceive a few days after your period to and during it, depends on the female. thanks @mady186
Answered May 20, 2013
I was taking pills for years til I cant stand the side effects anymore so I stopped, cold turkey. Meaning I didn't finish the whole pack and just stopped. Then I had sex after a few days (ejaculation inside) and another one after 2 days and last one was last June 1. I am not sure when my period will come because I had it last April 28 but then because I stopped the pills, I had it again May 12. If I will follow a normal cycle and base it on May 12 I am supposed to get my period on June 9 which is 4 days from now. I just wanna know if there is a possibility that I could get pregnant with 3 times unprotected sex without pills anymore? I do not feel any symptoms as perhaps it is too early to tell and don't know which one among the three intercourse will make me conceive. Is it possible? I wouldn't know if I will be delayed because not sure anymore when I am supposed to have my period again. Was regular when I was on pill but now that Ive stopped, not sure anymore. Pls let me know. I am 50/50 on it. I shouldn't be pregnant but at the back of my mind, I feel like I wanna have a baby. So is it possible? Thanks.
Answered Jun 05, 2013
l have sex 2 days before my period can l pregnant with that bcos l want baby
but now am already menstruating can I till be pregnant
Answered Jun 20, 2013
I had unprotected sex on the 10th of June and my boyfriend came in me but then 1 in a half week later I got my period which last only for 3days usually its goes for 4 to 5 days start on the 23rd and ends on the 25th.. I'm just curious.. would I still fall pregnant?? Can someone help me by answering my question thanks

Answered Jul 04, 2013

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