Does anyone ever get an answer on this site?

I don't see where I can see any answers on this site, where are they and do any exist?
Asked Apr 23, 2010
Yes, of course...
Answered Apr 23, 2010
Yeah, I sign on twice a day (every morning and evening) and take a look at every question I missed while I was asleep or out having a real life, and answer any that I can. At this moment I have 1,768 answers. The answers are these responses that appear below the question. Simply click on a question and look and scroll down to read the answers. A check mark next to one means it's the "chosen best" answer, and the number is the rating. Rating up an answer will push it to the top of a list, rating down an answer will push it to the bottom. You also receive/lose rep depending on if your answers are voted up or down. Also, there's the comment system. To add a comment, simply click the "Add comment" box and post your comment. The difference between an answer and a comment is that an answer is a response directly to the question, where as a comment is, well, anything else.

How's THAT for an answer?
Answered Apr 23, 2010

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