Is Russia in Europe or Asia?

Which continent does Russia belong to?
Asked Apr 16, 2010
Well technically seeing as Europe and Asia form a single land mass, they should technically be the same continent (which is often referred to as Eurasia), but otherwise, the answer is actually both. It's known as a transcontinental country, spanning across both Europe and Asia. For more information about transcontinental countries, please see the wikipedia article about it:
Answered Apr 16, 2010
Generally speaking, everything west of the Ural Mountains is considered to be in Europe, everything east of the Urals is in Asia.
Answered Apr 16, 2010
Answered Apr 20, 2010
I think its europe because russia is really close by asmah
Answered Sep 14, 2010
Ask_Sean Says, Both i'd Say!
Answered Sep 28, 2010
Russia is part of Eastern Europe

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Answered Nov 23, 2010
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