How to fix this problem with a girl I like

ok so theres this girl I met in class this year. I really like her and I can tell she likes me too but we are two different types of people on the outside. shes a popular cheer leader and im more of like a chill guy with not as many friends. We started to hang out. when we hang out its like we are dating and shes all flirty holding hands kissing etc. but thats only when we are alone or just a few friends with us. I know she likes me and sometimes hints around like we should date sometimes but there is one problem when we are at school she kinda acts like she dont notice me that much when shes infront of her popular friends. and also when we hang out everybody makes a big deal and say we are talking and stuff it kinda seems like nobody in school except for my friends want us to date..i guess because we are 2 different people on the outside but the same n the inside and we always have fun when we are together how do I fix the school and popularity problem and how she acts during those times? help please I want to date her
Asked Apr 16, 2010
If you feel in your heart this is the girl for you and she seems to like you then I say follow your heart.
How old are you?
Pray ask God to lead you and help you to make wise decisions.
I sure wasted a lot of my life by making foolish decisions and not leaving it up to God, God knew you in your mothers womb. he says he knows the plans he has for you. It is not meant for man to be alone. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Take it slow you have the rest of your life.
50 years from now you both will laugh at this moment. Get to know her really good ask lots of questions and listen to her.It does not matter that you are not popular this will not get you a job or pay your house or car payments...
Answered Apr 20, 2010
tell her what u are feeling for her man she sounds like a good girl to have hop all works outt with you two and barbet has good advice
Answered Apr 20, 2010
does she like you?
loveya Jun 02, 2010
seriously, follow your heart. just try to clue her in that you want her to fix that. it will all be okay. GOOD ADVICE BARBET! (:

good luck darling (:
Answered Jun 02, 2010
dude, don't pay any attention to the popular kids, walk right up to her in front of them and say " look, I like you and I know you like me, if you really do then kiss me or date me or at least pay me some attention, if you don't, then I am pretty upset, but at least think about it" and walk off or kiss her
Answered Jun 02, 2010

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