Which is better for games windows 7 or vist ( Ram 2 giga )?

Hi :

I want to know what is more faster and better for games , Is it vista or windows 7 ....... ( Ram 2 Giga ) ? I ask these because I heard but not sure that windows 7 is much better for games because I hate Xp I am bored from it I use it from about 5 years ago !!!!!! So please help me .....
Asked Apr 15, 2010
Windows 7. It doesn't hog as many resources, thus freeing up more for your games. I still personally prefer XP as it uses even less resources than Windows 7. Vista just hogs ALL your RAM and CPU cycles, 7 just uses a bit of each, but XP barely uses anything, especially if you go in and disable a couple of things. You can get XP to run on just FOUR processes.

Anyhoo, that's my two cents.
Answered Apr 15, 2010

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