What type of exercise is best for weight loss?

Asked Apr 11, 2010
There's no one straight answer to this. First of all, everyone's built differently, and as such, different exercises work best for different people, you need to find what works best for you. Furthermore, there's two types of exercise, anaerobic, which burns off fat and builds stamina, and anaerobic, which burns off fat and uses that energy to build muscle. Muscle weighs 2.94 times as much as fat, so when you first begin an anaerobic exercise regiment, you'll lose some weight as you burn off the fat, but then start gaining weight as you build up muscle. Aerobic exercises are like running and swimming, where anaerobic is things like weight lifting. You need to make your goal to shape your body how you want it to look, not to just drop weight, seeing as muscle weighs more than fat. You need to look at your body to determine which parts you want to shape, for example, if you have particularly fat arms, then you should probably do a pushup regiment (anaerobic) or shadow boxing (aerobic). Also remember, a good diet is very important, and it's not a matter of starving yourself, or only eating green foods or what not, but you need a balanced diet. You need to set a goal, work towards it, and have a well balanced diet. As for junk foods, when you feel like eating chips or whatever, try grabbing an apple instead.
Answered Apr 11, 2010
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imaz59 Jan 18, 2023
Running, Swimming, Jogging, Rowing and lots more. You'l need to have a balanced diet too.

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Answered Oct 04, 2010
Edited Oct 04, 2010
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Answered Mar 23, 2015
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Answered Mar 24, 2015
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Answered Apr 03, 2015
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Answered Apr 16, 2015
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Answered Apr 21, 2015
Cycling for health and fitness
Cycling is mainly an aerobic activity, which means that your heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout. You will breathe deeper, perspire and experience increased body temperature, which will improve your overall fitness level. The health benefits of regular cycling include: increased cardiovascular fitness.
Answered Dec 16, 2015
Edited Dec 16, 2015
Running, swimming, walking there have huge option to lose weight but not every step is very quick. Everyone is busy with their daily work and can't spend huge time for doing exercise to lose their weight but everybody wants to be healthy with good fitness and you guys can use different types of exercise machine at your own home which will save your time and it will give you the best performance for losing weight. I also use a exercise machine to do my daily workout and I have selected to do some blogs and I got all the ideas to read blog which one is perfect for me. In the internet you will get huge blogs which will give you the idea but everybody don't give clear idea which have to choose so don't waste money check out the best blog and then decide which will buy and which one is best for you. You can also know about the benefits of workout daily so check out before you buy!
Answered Dec 23, 2015
You cannot target for fat burn. When you lose fats, you lose it all over. Therefore there is no single best exercise for weight loss, but mixing swimming, cardio with weights will help you lose calories and tone up your body.
Answered Jan 11, 2016
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Answered Mar 02, 2016
Running, cycling, Swimming, Jogging, weight lifts, jumping rope and a lot more. I will suggest healthy balanced diet and simple exercise for effective weight loss.
Answered Apr 04, 2016

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Answered May 07, 2016
Edited May 07, 2016
There are many different workout plans to lose weight. Like you can go for jogging to warm up your body and also skip the rope as much as you can. Do squats to lose lower body fats.
Answered Jul 04, 2016
Strength training for weight loss works the best dude.
Answered Jul 27, 2016
Walking is an ideal exercise for weight loss. It doesn't have need of any equipment. Theslimco provide the natural tips and weight loss program for weight loss that is very work full to weight loss.
Answered Jul 29, 2016
Edited Jul 29, 2016
Healthy food keep you fit always . But for reducing weight there is also a est way to drink the coffee which keep you fit and there are not any side effect of these coffee.
Answered Jul 30, 2016
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Answered Mar 14, 2017
There are different exercises for weight loss. The best way to lose weight gradually is to jog for long distance or run fast to burn more calories. Do this for half an hour at least 3-4 times in a week. Also eat foods with low carbo. Increase intake of fruits in your diet which also helps.
Answered May 31, 2018
Everyone wants to reduce their weight by doing exercise and yoga but most people want to loss their belly fat. So that they prefer to join a gym or doing the home base workout. I think anaerobic exercise will best, which burns off fat and uses that energy to build muscle and by the way, whatever you want to choose any exercise first you need to use the proper workout accessories. I have already ordered some workout accessories from TrainingMalls which provided me the best workout accessories and I must say that those are really benefited for me so I must suggest that you should buy accessories for your daily routine exercise.
Answered Feb 08, 2019
First get your nutrition on point because right nutrition is the key for weight loss. You can also try sprinting and cardio for rapid weight loss.
Answered Feb 08, 2019
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Answered Feb 28, 2019

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