Homework help in geometry for points,lines, and planes.

How do I draw and label the following figures?

1. Two planes that do not intersect.
2. Lines LM and NP are coplanar but do not intersect.
3. Point X and Y lie on AB
Asked Apr 08, 2010
1. Two planes that do not intersect are basically just two squares that don't overlap (and don't make them touching just to be safe, technically they can touch, but your teacher might be an idiot and not know that).

2. Coplanar lines are just two or more lines on the same plane. Just draw two lines, it doesn't matter if they're parallel or perpendicular, on one plane, and at the end of one, put an L, at the other end of that same line, put an M, and do the same for the other line, but with N and P respectively. And as it says, don't let them intersect.

3. I'm not entirely sure, are you sure you typed it properly?
Answered Apr 08, 2010

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