Tips on going to high school?

I am going to high school next year and I want ot be prepared. I applied for honors biology,world geograghy, and accelerated math. I nee tips on how to get to class on time and how to study.
Asked Mar 31, 2010
Good question! Okay so, let's see... Well, different things work for different people, so I can't really say for sure, so I'll just tell you a few things I did. For starters, I never got a locker, because I always found them to be a waste of time. If you carry around everything you need, you'll always make sure to just carry what you need on you, thus helping you to be a bit more organized, the extra weight will help you get a good workout between classes, you'll save time by not having to stop at a locker and put in your combination, etc..., and if you have a backpack with really good straps, the weight won't even bother you. Now keeping all my stuff with me at all times could have made things a bit difficult to be organized, so after a couple of days of experimenting, I found a system that worked for me. I bought those binder dividers, and I didn't use any binders, instead, I used my backpack as one big binder. I kept all the blank lined paper in the front, then from my first class to my last class, I had my work and notes and books and such divided up. As for pens and all that stuff that aren't papers, I kept those in the front compartment and other parts that aren't the main section of the bag. Another tip for getting to class on time, don't stand around talking your friends till after you get to your class. Just make a beeline for your class, and then you can stand around talking to your friends in whatever time you have left. Now as for studying, for small bits of information, flashcards help a ton. Like if you have a list of words you have to learn for whatever foreign language you're going to take (you're required to take one), write the words on one side, and what they mean on the other. Also, study breaks always helped a lot for me. When I was trying to figure out what studying methods would work best for me, I found that by taking like a 5 to 10 minute break every half hour or hour or so, I retained the information much better. I would just get up and go walk around the house a little bit, sometimes watch a little TV, sometimes get a snack, sometimes I'd go lay in my bed and just stare at the ceiling, you just have to get away from your work for a little bit and then go back to it, it won't feel so daunting and it'll stick in your head more. Oh and one more thing that helped, sometimes I would just re-write my notes, word for word, or a handout, word for word, into a notebook or blank piece of paper, I found that by doing so, I would think about each word as I would be doing this because I'm both reading and writing it, and thus I would remember the information more.

Hope that helped, and remember, just because this worked for me, doesn't mean it will for you. You should spend the first week or so experimenting with different schedules and stuff like that to find what works best for you.
Answered Mar 31, 2010
Keep your head down and stay out of trouble.
Answered Oct 04, 2010
It's good that you're preparing early for high school. All I can say is to stay positive and don't do anything stupid. Because if you want to go to college, you must do good at high school. Do your homework every single day and focus in school to get good grades because you need to get a high GPA (grade point average) to get into good colleges. Prepare for SAT or ACT so you can score high on these type of tests at your junior year (when you'll be a 11th grader) and if you're not satisfied with your scores, you can take these tests twice, the higher scores count for college admissions. And join some extracurricular activities at your school or do community services. You can join some clubs or play sports afterschool or volunteer at hospitals or do presentations at middle school.
Answered Dec 02, 2012

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